Click to Enlarge She is a dolly !

And she has powers...

    Her function would have been as a gift to a newlywed couple, to assist in their fertility and in the success of having a child.

    According to Ashanti legend a young woman named Akua was having difficulty conceiving a child (ba). She consulted a local priest who told her she should commission a wood-carving of a little child. She was to treat the carving as if it were her own living baby: to wash, feed and carry it on her back tucked into her wrapper with just the head appearing. Having followed these instructions perfectly Akua eventually gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby.

    Young Ashanti girls have done the same for generations, carrying dolls such as our Chocolate Deity with pride in order to induce pregnancy, ensure a safe delivery, and a beautiful healthy infant. To Western eyes the doll is highly abstract, but to an Asante girl it is a model of feminine grace and elegance, embodying the Ashanti idea of beauty with cocoa bean shaped eyes, a disk shaped head and rings of fat around the neck indicating a prosperous and healthy condition. Chocolate is a known aphrodisiac–imagine the strength of the prayer and wish that would come with a night of lovemaking after a luscious ingestion of this magical substance shaped as an Akuaba.

    The seed is already planted.

    "Megye wo awo dom"

    ("I wish you many children")