Click to Enlarge     Mystics, shamans, and scholars have long recognized Bear as a magical creature. One who in winter crawls deep into Mother Earth to hibernate in its cave and then, once inside, travels to the outer reaches of our universe in visions and dreams. Ursa Major, The Big Dipper, is named for one who digs deep into life's mysteries.

    Bear, a four-legged creature, can also walk on two legs like us humans. His sure footedness on Mother Earth teaches us to walk solidly, dig deeply, keep silence, find the true answers through deep introspection and inner visions. In Spring, he leaves his cave and looks right away for honey, the sweetness of life, bringing that knowledge to bear on life in a wise way. Bear fiercely protects and guides all of us creatures just as the Mother Bear protects her children with great ferocity.

            Introspection  Patience  Balance  Strength  Wisdom  Healing  Leadership

    The power of the Bear totem is the power of introspection. Bear comes to us as a healer, awakening the power of the unconscious mind to show us that we each have the capacity to heal if we quiet our mind, enter the silence, travel to the Dreamtime, and understand that the answers to all our questions lie within us. Roots, herbs, flowers, honey are all within us. Take the sweetness of the Spring honey (this chocolate) into the wintry cave with you and dream deeper than ever before.