Click to Enlarge When Krishna was little his mother loved to dress him up. She adorned him with bracelets, dresses, anklets, necklaces and garlands of wild flowers. But he was never so adorned as the day at age 6 or 7 when he lifted up Govardhana Hill with his little finger, as a child might hold up a mushroom...

Chocolate Deities' Krishna depicts The Sweet One when he was a child. Cherubic cheeks and a small demeanor, this is the Krishna who stole the butter, but also the Krishna who saved not only the Govardhana Hill and its human population from overwhelming floods but also its cows, Krishna's beloved ones.

This delightful and beautiful story of the young Krishna's amazing feat of devotion to his family, neighbors, home city and its beloved mountain goes like this:

When Krishna was little it was his wont to play around the local cowherds. At that time, the cowherds of Vrindavan used to worship the demigod Lord Indra the king of the heavens and lord of rains for theirs was an agricultural community that needed the rains for the growth of their crops. But, when Krishna saw this, he told the cowherds that their cattle were their true wealth and cows their deities and, since it was the mountain that fed the cattle, it should be worshiped first.

Honoring his sons words, Krishna's father began to make a great offering to the mountain. In his enthusiasm he made a replica of the Govardhana Hill consisting of cakes, sweets breads and rice. This magnificent and generous sculpture, complete with powerful peaks delighted all in attendance. The multi-colored cakes stuck on the sides of the Govardhana hill looked like stones and boulders; the peak rising out of the middle of the hill looked like a crown made of sweet ghee. Bowls of dal replicated the lakes. At the base of the hill there were clay pots full of milk, yogurt, and sweet rice. The celebration was divine...once source says,

"Nothing else could be heard in Vrindavana except the auspicious vibration of instrumental music. Vedic hymns resounded through the sky. The people of Vrindavan felt blissful, and all the living entities entered a jolly mood from the worship of Govardhana. Hearing the melodious voices of the ladies, the cuckoos anxiously tried to learn singing from them. Ears attained their purpose by perceiving those auspicious sounds. The cows were adorned with gold-plated horns, colorful silk cloths on their backs, pearl necklaces, and tinkling bells hanging from their necks. Seeing their mothers so richly ornamented, the calves jumped excitedly."

Then a miracle occurred. The mountain, once solid and unmoving took human form! Its deep caves became the mouth, nostrils and ears. The trees morphed into arms. The meadows became an emerald-covered chest plate and the rare jewels mined deep in its girth became teeth made of rubies. The earthen minerals gave a saffron hue to his lips and his rocky bulk became a tender sweet form. All could see the wonder of it. Krishna and the people of Vrindavan bowed down to this personified form of Govardhana Hill.

News of all this made Indra angry as he realized that the offerings from the townsfolk would no longer go to him, but to the transformed mountain itself. In his wrath, he began to engage clouds like those that are used to destroy the universe, to vanquish Govardhana Hill with showers of rain and thunderbolts. When these destructive storms and showers of rain, hail and thunderbolts began, the townsfolk appealed to Sri Krishna, their only hope.

   "O Krishna! Krishna! O most powerful One! Please protect us from the hand of Indra, who has become angry with us!"

Seeing that his people were suffering from Indra's atrocious behavior and hearing their distress-calls, Sri Krishna agreed, " My only vow is to protect the souls that surrender unto Me." Saying this, Sri Krishna suddenly lifted the Govardhana Hill and playfully held it on His left hand, just as a child would hold a mushroom. Sri Krishna easily held the mountain with the little finger of His left hand, giving shelter to all the people and cows beneath it as if under a great umbrella. He remained standing motionlessly like this for seven days.

This gave the Govardhana Hill even more blessings than before. Sripada Raghunatha says: " Sri Govardhana remained on the lotus-seed-like little finger of Sri Krishna's lotus-like hand like an innocent bumblebee." This means that just as a king bee, who is engaged in drinking the honey from a lotus flower, remains on the lotus seed in an intoxicated state, similarly Govardhana, who is the greatest of Lord Krishna's servants, got a place on Sri Krishna's hand for seven consecutive days and nights. Like the bumblebee, the mountain remained there relishing the sweetness of the hand of his most dearly beloved.

In this way Krishna easily saved the Vrindavan from the grip of the crocodile-like Indra. Afterwards, Krishna proclaimed from that day forth, that there should be a yearly festival commemorating honoring Sri Govardhana. To this day during the Govardhana Puja, devotees make replica of Govardhana Hill consisting of sculpted cakes, sweets, breads, and rice. Butter sculptures in the form of Lord Krishna himself are offered, forming the basis for a great feast shared by the entire community.

Govardhana Hill became the most sacred and joyful place for Lord Krishna. It is said that the only abode where Krishna can stay enjoying purely sweet, intimate pastimes, that are devoid of even a whiff of reverence is in the small caves on Govardhana Hill. Indeed, this is the place where Krishna would steal away for his joyous, private encounters with Radha, his great love. They would secret themselves away in the caves for great pleasures and the mountain would shield them from prying eyes.

We suggest that you steal away with this chocolate as Krishna did with the sweet butter of his youth and his love Radha, and relish the joy and lightheartedness of Krishna's love, the sweetness of this gift, and sing:

      Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare

       Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare