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    Our good friend and teacher, Harish Johari (author of The Healing Cuisine) once told us when we were pregnant that the food a woman craves during her pregnancy is the food she should feed her child when that child gets sick. Harish was a pure Hindu when it came to food. He lived in the holy City of Haridwar, a city so vegetarian that not even one egg is allowed within the city limits. How could we tell him that the only things that we craved during pregnancy were chocolate and rare Filet Mignon! In order not to upset him, we just told him we craved chocolate!

     This made perfect sense to him and without hesitation he proceeded to tell us of all the benefits that would come from giving a medicinal dose of the holy stuff. The Indians, after all, invented sugar!

     Although the second thing they crave usually varies among pregnant women and nursing mothers, chocolate is almost always the first and greatest craving! While you are pregnant and after the baby is born––it just doesn’t stop! The best piece of chocolate we ever ate was given to us by a pregnant woman who had searched the world over just to have a half-pound of it on hand at all times!

     Everyone knows that the baby milk contains whatever the mother is eating! A mother who eats a bit of chocolate is giving her baby and herself all the wonderful, newly understood, scientifically proven physical and spiritual benefits of this extraordinary, ancient concoction: it induces and celebrates love, brings joy, calls forth peace, and compassion, lowers stress, carries anti-oxidants, stimulates the imagination, and, according to the ancient Maya who first discovered it, provides strength and wisdom

     Nothing can really improve on Mother’s Milk as the perfect food––but we would venture to guess that if anything could, it is chocolate. What better hint of all the good things to come in this sweet life than this flavored milk flowing through you to your baby! What could be MORE fantastic than Mother’s milk in three flavors: white, milk or dark chocolate!

     Being pregnant and nursing are divine experiences, no doubt about it. Nothing connects you up to Spirit in the way being these states does. So as you are out there floating in that divine, starlit, sunny, cosmic realm, we at Chocolate Deities invite both of you to enjoy The Food of the Gods.

    Ananda Hai! *