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The Thunderbirds were there at the beginning and
the Thunderbeings are with us now.

In the beginning, Earthmaker created four brothers, and made them Thunderbird chiefs.

He handed over to them two special gifts: Tobacco and Fire.
Then he opened the sky for them so that they could see the earth upon which they were to live. They flew down from the heights of heaven and alighted upon the branches of a tree, then they jumped to the ground and walked towards the East where they made their first camp ground. There they started the first fire. All the other clans soon joined the Thunderbirds at this campsite.

And so began our world.

The prophecies also tell of a place in the stars where the origins of man began, and speak of ancient traditions honoring those origins. They speak of the "star people" whom they call Thunder Beings, who have been with us always. The Elders speak too of the "heyoka," a person who in vision, or dreams, is visited by these Thunder Beings, whose purpose is to assist humanity in its exploration into the new worlds. The heyoka is the human counterpart to the Thunder Beings who repeatedly dissolve the existing order and fashion
a new arrangement from the pieces.

Modern day heyokas are charged to live as witnesses against the corruption of the Fourth World in which we now live, and to assist the shift into the Fifth.

If you see yourself in this role, recognize who you are and why you have come here at this time. Take your power,and walk your talk now,
because time is of the essence.

The essense of the Fifth World is the positive life-giving Feminine energy expressed in love and nurturance, cooperation and assistance, harmony and balance, giving and receiving. It is the absolute balance of both the female and male. It honors the gifts of spirit, and psychic vision; it is one of confidence in a new way without fear, aggression or dominance. Raising your own consciousness, raises the consciousness of the whole. In so doing, a planetary healing takes place, a birthing begins, a restoration of the soul is enacted and a New World harmoniously unfolds.

The Mayans, who brought us Chocolate believed the same thing. Its “spirit medicine” and chemical makeup brings us into harmony and bliss...preparing the way for this shift of consciousness.

Maybe this Thunderbird is visiting you for a reason!