Click to Enlarge The Goddess of Willendorf
30,000 years old
Found in a bed of crystals, 1908

She is the first. The oldest.

She is our great, great, great,
really, really GREAT, GRAND Mother !
All of creation flows from her !
She is fertile of mind, heart and body.

And so, her body is exaggerated-
Did our ancestors intuit from the start what would come from/of her?
She is abundance itself--full belly, buttocks, breasts--
full of the possibility of all that was to come.

And yet, she was not unapproachable.
She is small. She was a "portable" goddess, you could hold her in your hand.

Curly headed, she looks down, into herself-as if at the cosmos and the earth at once,
giving us the feeling of the interconnectedness of all things.
Her hands rest, not like the Venus of Laussel on her belly, but on her breasts.

Chocolate Deities' Goddess of Willendorf is larger than life.
We present her as she is in spirit, not in history.
Her presence is BIG.

We need her larger now so to feel her more.
We make her abundance felt--a full pound of chocolate.

Hold her, your palm-goddess, in your hands.
Let her melt a bit, lick off the chocolate, reconnect with the Earth.
Maybe that's the way to eat her---slowly.

Let her melt in your hand and then lick her off.
Transform her with your body heat. After all,
This is a goddess of Fertility.